We are Dee and Jay, a loving couple who have lived extraordinary lives. Currently living in southeastern Massachusetts, we live quiet lives with passion as we create inspiring pieces of music and art.  Since we first met, we have been creating music and art together as naturally as the flowing of a country stream, in endless meanderings while always in symbiotic flow.  From poetry to photography...From song writing to sketching...from guitars to gardening, we compliment and help each other in all we do. 

We offer an impassioned musical product of wit, imagination and emotions for all to enjoy....Jay on guitar and vocals, Dee on percussion and vocals.  We are happy to perform many of our originals, including "Broke" which received much acclaim and air time in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  We perform at small venues and gatherings.  Call us if you are looking for some Easy Country Music, or Soft Retro 40's, 50's and 60's. 

If a larger venue is required, we also have our 7 piece rock band called BlueJayd.  Check our website: www.BlueJayd.com for more info! 

Contact us at 508 889-2949